Welcome March!


I’m really looking forward to March. I have a really good feeling about it, and this spring-like weather melting these mounds of snow is definitely contributing to my optimism.

It’s been a tough winter, with the lockdown and an extended break between the two semesters in my coaching program, as we now move past midterms, I am feeling a bit more balanced. I am very ready for the upcoming equinox! And after having practiced my first kundalni yoga kriya in over 10 years, almost randomly this morning (though I don’t believe anything is ever truly random), I feel so beautifully connected to myself and nature. 

There were some major events that happened to me (for me) since the fall. One was pretty intense, and shook me to my core, causing a pause on all spirituality other than Christianity. The second was one was during January’s full moon when I, again by happenstance, saw something on social media about my zodiac sign that spoke directly to a communication mishap I was experiencing, and it miraculously comforted me immediately. So this past month, I’ve had some reunions. 

This time is different, because I am different. I don’t have the fear I used to have. I’ve been working diligently, tweaking my protective field as I go along. And while Life will probably always throw me a curveball to test me, I don’t have to play the victim anymore. 

I wanted to share some messages that I received in my very amateur card reading that I did for March. These are some themes that I have been cultivating or working toward, and that I think can be used by anyone to help build happy moments. 

The overall theme is about relationships. Either sustaining and/or building and/or amending these contacts. Focusing on healthy communication, and the joy of connection from these exchanges. The topics that came up are:

1) Rising above challenges, discover ways to build resiliency. Being mindful to keep it simple, basic, and honest. 

2) Being fearless, trusting that God, however we understand this Source as, will always come to our aid, should we just make the effort to connect. I am also feeling very connected to cycles/phases right now and finding comfort in the coming and going of lessons and opportunities for growth.

3) Reading, meditation, and contemplation. I have been in a period of deep introspection this past month. The last card I pulled reinstated that this quiet time will continue to be a theme for March. This is a divinely guided invitation to grow in a deeper understanding of life and confidence in purpose. Being my own master. For years I was told to “Do the work”, or “Go within”, when all I wanted was a teacher or guide to impart knowledge and wisdom and comfort to me. This past month, or full moon cycle more specifically, I have been almost unable to take in information, or be influenced by people. I have gone deep within, not to ascertain special information, but just to feel grounded. It’s been monumental and feels incredible. At this point I am just enjoying it and seeing how long it will last, or if this is actually my new reality. 

Since I’ve been living quite privately, both emotionally and physically, I am not sure if these messages will resonate with people. But I hope it does, because no matter what cards or what fun I had creating this, I believe these are general tenants to a fulfilling life. I’ve been pretty off with the turn of events for over a year now. The pandemic defied me at every level, so while I feel really good about March and the equinox, I’m aware of the murmurs of a third wave. My goal as a wellness coach, a spiritualist, and as person in the world, is to help spread the message of resiliency, because I believe that to be a powerful inoculation. Welcome March, welcome equinox, and may we all find new ways every day to live well. 🙏

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I began my wellness journey 15 years ago when I took my first kundalini yoga class. I went on to attain my level 1 teaching certificate, and after that I began a deep search within the Christian mysteries to go further into spiritual healing.

Around this same time I began to get help for a drug and alcohol dependency that I had developed since I was in high school. This catapulted my spirituality and wellness into new heights, where I met so many amazing people who contributed to the wholehearted individual that I am today.

Blackwell Health is the demonstration of the hard work I have put into my own wellness over the years. Whether I have the privilege to coach you, or to simply provide a resource through this platform for your own health and wellness, I hope to remind you that while we might not feel that we have full control in our lives, we can always take steps toward our wellbeing.