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I’m wishing my fellow Canadians a restful national holiday.

While I have no desire to “cancel” Canada, I do want to be empathetic and mindful, and therefore I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks in study. This article is an excellent piece about “Canada’s” history, which entails the complete dismissal of Indigenous peoples. I am so passionate about reconciliation, and very grateful that I am in a state of recovery where I can be quiet and listen for once. That is a skill I developed in my coaching program. Coming from a colonizer mindset, this is the best skill I can have, because the problem with this mindset is, it goes undetected.

I have learned so much the past month, and it gives me confidence to navigate this difficult time and to speak from my heart, which is I love this country, I pledge allegiance to this incredible land, vast in resources from coast, to coast, to coast – despite a brutal history. I have hope for our future. I pray for all people to reassess consumerism; to instead love the animals and trees and water – and for reconciliation from the cultural genocide committed on the Indigenous peoples by the British visitors who were greedy, manipulative, and underhanded. If we can reevaluate our relationship with money and status, we can end this cycle of abuse and intergenerational trauma.

I have confidence we will one day live in the Canada we thought we had, but to this time include the respect and dignity of all life – including water, air, and soil – and we can learn how to do this through the Indigenous peoples. They know how to honour all life, but were villainized for it. Part of our reparations starts with revering this land, without hidden agendas or pride getting in the way.

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