Integrating the Alcoholic Using Compassion


Something that I have come to understand the past few weeks as I spread awareness on the plight of the alcoholic, is that some people are not ready to humanize this disease. I can understand this complication, because alcoholism appears to be something that we choose to do to ourselves, and therefore anger and frustration tend to follow. However, the alcoholic is generally defined by having lost...

Cleaning out my Closet


The problem with being a recovered alcoholic, is the temptation to forget that we have a mental illness that’s simply in remission. For me, I went so far as to reject the disease theory, thinking that the 12 Step model was outdated. Fortunately, I had a moment of clarity where I understood, if alcoholism is not an illness, and is merely a crippling coping mechanism to manage trauma, then that...

Treating the Alcoholic with Compassion


After writing my passion paper that was worth 40% of my final grade, and sharing it as an invitation for people who qualify as Al-Anon members to view the disease of alcoholism with compassion, I discovered the tension that some people might have to this concept of openly loving someone who is slowly destroying themselves (and hurting others while they do it). Sadly, this...

On This Canada Day


I’m wishing my fellow Canadians a restful national holiday. While I have no desire to “cancel” Canada, I do want to be empathetic and mindful, and therefore I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks in study. This article is an excellent piece about “Canada’s” history, which entails the complete dismissal of Indigenous peoples. I am so passionate about...

Learning New Ways to Heal From Trauma


I’ve been working to understand more about trauma, and in this I am coming to realize that I have been possibly misunderstanding mental illness. When my father died of an alcohol related illness, most notably through his heart, but also most likely through liver and brain degradation as well, I blamed his drinking. I understood alcoholism as a disease, and I believed that he made bad choices...

Taking up Space


To take up space is to exist happily and wholly, just for the purpose of being alive. It is to express our needs without fear of judgement. It’s normal, however, for people in recovery to feel insecure and not want to have any sort of attention on them. If we stay small and in the corner, we might not get into anybody’s way and warrant any unwanted attention. While this might not be...

Showing up with an Open Heart


I want to live a life where I am constantly connected to my purpose, my “why”. While it might not seem realistic to be eternally inspired, I want to at least create a life where there is an open invitation to connect, when disconnected. I believe this is what self-care ultimately is. It’s putting up boundaries to the world and saying, “I will take a time-out to reboot my...

Carly Blackwell

About Me

I began my wellness journey 15 years ago when I took my first kundalini yoga class. I went on to attain my level 1 teaching certificate, and after that I began a deep search within the Christian mysteries to go further into spiritual healing.

Around this same time I began to get help for a drug and alcohol dependency that I had developed since I was in high school. This catapulted my spirituality and wellness into new heights, where I met so many amazing people who contributed to the wholehearted individual that I am today.

Blackwell Health is the demonstration of the hard work I have put into my own wellness over the years. Whether I have the privilege to coach you, or to simply provide a resource through this platform for your own health and wellness, I hope to remind you that while we might not feel that we have full control in our lives, we can always take steps toward our wellbeing.